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In order to distinguish chefs from each other, I have found a few things that significantly matter to chefs more than to any other person:
i.                    Knives – not the kind. You use all kinds.
The brand. 4 basic brands exist for culinary-school chefs:
Global > Spanelli > Tescoma > Victor Inox.

They are a part of a chef’s symbolic masculine virility. As a mindless commis, fumbling up and down a new kitchen whilst in the earlier stages of orientation at your new place of work, you take out your knives to compensate for your lack of authority, knowledge, skill and rank. To chefs who haven’t been to culinary school, don’t have their own knives, and didn’t need to own a full set of knives to get where they are today (which is – above you, in any case). 

  Jul 16th, 2014